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Electrode Paste

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Because of its uniform composition, low melting point, fast melting speed and shorter smelting time, electrode paste is increasingly recognized by steel-making enterprises as a new material in the 21st century.It is mainly used in the smelting of ORE-HEATING furnaces.Pre-melted multi-functional refined slag has been widely used in foreign countries, such as Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States, and other developed countries. It has also gradually attracted the attention and application of domestic metallurgical industry.

Electrode paste is the conductive material used for ferroalloy furnace, calcium carbide furnace, etc.The product can withstand high temperatures with small thermal expansion coefficient.With a smaller resistance factor, the loss of power can be reduced.With a smaller porosity, the heated electrodes can be oxidized slowly.Higher mechanical strength prevents electrodes from breaking due to mechanical and electrical loads.

Electrode paste is our company's leading product, with excellent materials selection, scientific ratio and advanced technology.The product quality is stable and the use effect is good. It is widely used in self-baking electrodes of various types of closed and open stoves.